Sopressata Night

An entertaining evening which since its start in 1994 has gained increasingly in success is “Sopressata Night”. It is now one of Club Italia’s most popular events of each year.
The Sopressata Night feast differs from a regular Club Italia dinner in that many of the participants bring their own home-made sopressata, and other home-made treats, to share with others before and during the meal. Sopressata is actually Italian pig salami, and it is an Italian tradition for many families to make it themselves with their preferred amounts of spices and ingredients.

In addition to bringing the sopressata to share with others, participants can enter it into a contest in which it is sliced and tested by a jury made up by three or four experts for determining which of this salami has the best taste. At the end of the event, a winner is declared by the jury, and that person is recognized as the best sopressata maker of that event and receives a trophy.

This event, which is generally held every year in the spring, was created by past Club Italia President, Luigi Stallone and causes a lot of fun and enjoyment to the many who attend.

If you’re looking for tickets, call early, as they often sell out quickly!

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