The Tressette & Briscola League

Rules & Regulations for Card League

  • The League is only open to Club Italia Members that are in good standing
  • Maximum number of teams is 24
  • Registration fee of $35 must be payed by everyone by Monday September 10th
  • Deadline for registration is Friday September 3rd
  • League starts on Monday September  10, 2018
  • Games will start at 7:00 pm (no later than 7:30 pm)
  • Each team gets a maximum of 3 points per game
  • A game is three rounds of Briscola & Tressette as per scorecards

History of the Tressette & Briscola League

The league started in 2003 from an idea by Tony Rosati, Mike Natale, Joe D’Ippolito, Guido Mazzarelli and Dominc Rondinelli. Tony Rosati formed a committee (Joe Ingribelli, Carlo Mauro, Arturo Miresse, and Bruno DeMarchi). The league plays in two rounds on Monday nights.  The first round is held in winter starting in October and ending just before Christmas.  The second round is held in the spring from March to the middle of May.  At the end of each session the members have a banquet so they can spend some time together and have a few laughs.

The winners of the first session were Luigi Stallone and Jack Potalivo. Other winners have included Luigi DiRisio/Luciano CarboneLuigi Colavecchia/Sam DiCarloJoe Ciampa/Frank Mastroianni,Tony Bove/John ProvenzanoJoe Bove/Nick RadiceFrank Elia/Vince NotarianniJohn Romanelli/Tony SaccoGeppino Calabrese/Sam CaiccoLuciano Carbone/Pietro Salfi and Domenic Parlatore/Vince Marone.

club italia briscola trophy.jpg

Winners of recent sessions include:

2010: Victor Paone & Victor Pietrangelo

2011 (first session): Victor Menechella & Tony Cardone

2011 (second session): Frank Di Folco and Filippo Mancuso

2012 (first session): Arduino Rossi & Joe Ciampa

2012 (second session): Joe Quiquero & Frank Basilone

2013 (first session): Mike DiLalla & Joe Rosati

2013 (second session): Vince Marone & Frank Nicoletta

2014 (first session): Vince Marone & Frank Nicoletta

clubitlia_bocce league trophy men.jpg

Club Italia Bocce Leagues

There are 3 Bocce leagues played at Club Italia. There is a Monday night Men's Bocce League, a Tuesday night Ladies league, and a Ladies Wednesday league. The other nights of the week, Club Italia’s bocce lanes can be used by all other Club members.

Men's Bocce League

The League is only open to Club Italia Members that are in good standing.
Starts on September 14, 2018
Registration fee of $35 per person includes dinner buffet at the end of the season.


club italia bingo.JPG


Bingo - At Club Italia


Every Wednesday year round from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Registration Fee: $5

Note: the numbers are called out in Italian however English translation is available if needed.